Playing with colors opens the door to lots of visual experiments that could help you discover traits of personality you have never known about.

Spectrum Shift Paint is a software utility helping you engage in such a quest, putting at your disposal various brushes you can work with in order to generate psychedelic visuals you can subsequently save to your computer.

First of all, Spectrum Shift Paint sports a well-balanced user interface users should familiarize themselves with rather quickly, with little trial and error being required in the process.

All they need to do is explore the integrated brushes in the “Draw” menu, with options such as “Nova,” “Neutron Star,” “Sol,” “Black Hole,” and “Squiggle” being available for them to try out. Note that these items can also be selected from the toolbar, where you can find their icons.

Configuring any of the aforementioned brushes is possible, and that means you can adjust the zoom factor, phase delay, brush radius, fade effect, and opt for explode or implode effect.

As for the colors you may play with, it need be mentioned that the integrated palette lets you explore a multitude of options, turning your visuals into animated images. To be more specific, it can do that by applying movement to the shapes you create using your brushes. You can thus rotate the palette backward or forward as well as halt it if that seems the case.

Regarding your options regarding the outcome, you should know that you can save your visuals as a GIF or BMP file, and aside from that, exporting them as HTML or WebGL is possible.

On an ending note, Spectrum Shift Paint is a user-friendly graphic tool you can resort to in order to create animated visuals. The feature set it packs is reasonably varied and approachable, making the application a suitable product even for inexperienced users.