It’s always a good idea to know how much your computer’s resources are used in order to avoid any unwanted performance drops, or hardware component malfunctions. By default, the Windows task manager shows related details for each process, but more details can be obtained when relying on applications like Speed Test Pro.

As soon as the application runs, a graph shows up on your desktop, monitoring network usage by default. The size of the graph can be adjusted by dragging the edges around, but it’s also possible to access the settings menu for a lot more options, not just related to visuals.

The configuration window allows you to add more graphs, and each graph can be composed from multiple nodes. Graph selection lets you customize visual style with quite an impressive range of options, such as color for every visible item, transparency, and additional display options, such as a bar graph, system tray icon notification, or desktop gadget.

You can use the application to monitor three major areas, such as Internet, hardware, and system related items. The first is used not only for network upload and download speed, but also connection time to a website, general speed, errors, LAN, ping, and even WiFi signal. A neat thing is the possibility to add more of these nodes to a single graph.

The hardware sections is where you can find all info related to CPU, memory, drives, system uptime, disk read, disk write, disk activity, and battery, in case you’re using the application on a laptop. Whereas for system, advanced options like virtual memory, pagefile, processes, or a single process can be monitored.

A print function is at your disposal in case you want to keep a log of all events. General options allow you to monitor specific CPU cores, and method used or averaging, like peak capture, average, lull capture, or real time.

On an ending note, Speed Test Pro is a handy system monitor tool, which cleverly structures all major areas so you can customize the view of items that interest you. Visual design can be heavily tweaked, while the possibility to create multiple graphs, each with one or more nodes makes it definitely worth your while.