Speed Upp Lite is a simple application that can simulate a metronome and help you play your favorite songs with the preferred instruments. The program is adaptive and the metronome can be customized to match the pitch you wish to obtain.

Speed Upp Lite is a suitable solution for musicians who wish to learn how to play instruments and match their tempo to the original song. It can be a guide in scale exercises and chromatic drills since it can listen to the audio input and adapt its functionality based on that source.

The program can also follow a template or a pre-set graph of tempo changes. The program can run in two alternative modes, namely the Adaptive mode and the Graph.

In the Adaptive mode, the program listens to the audio input you provide and react according to your playing accuracy. The program changes the tempo based on how quick can you manage to correctly hit the beats and otherwise properly play the songs.

Speed Upp Lite can be switched to the graph mode, in which you can manually set the tempo based on the frequency channels.

You can use your mouse or another pointing device to manually increase or decrease each channel in the graph, then set the duration of the tempo playback, in number of beats.

The application features a built-in default tempo graph that indicated the most suitable learning curve. You can use it to start with and modify it as your musical skills improve.

Speed Upp Lite is simple to use and does not require installation; all you need to do is unzip the package and run the executable. It is a reliable tool for all musicians, regardless of their experience, especially for those who wish to work with complex scores and gradual tempo markings, thanks to its Adaptive function.