Speedy Tube Free is designed to aid users in grabbing content from YouTube. The utility automatically converts downloaded files to either MP4 or MP3 format, depending on the choice made by users.

The application comes with a very clean interface, adorned with large, beautiful and expressive images that describe each of the program's functions. Not only esthetic in nature, these can serve as a very intuitive guide for new users.

In order to acquire links, Speedy Tube Free integrates with the Windows Clipboard; there is also a prominent “Paste URL” button.

Unlike other similar programs, this utility does not automatically grab links from open browser windows. A conventional Copy and Paste operation is required.

Although there is, in essence, only one main function, helping users download content from YouTube, the application also allows users to choose the destination folder.

Only four destinations are possible: Desktop, Videos, Music and My Documents; future versions will probably fix this, by including a customizable path.

The lower side of the main - and only - window contains buttons that control the program operations. The first button, “Download as Music (MP3)” allows users to rip audio from clips.

Downloading films while preserving the video is performed by clicking on the “Download as Video (MP4)”. Once one of the two options has been activated, a progress indicator appears and the file is being written to the destination folder.

In conclusion, Speedy Tube Free is a(nother) simple YouTube downloader. Although improvements can clearly be found, the software does the intended job. This, however, does little to distinguish it from the myriad of other similar applications.