Spelling is one of the tasks that can only be honed via continuous practice, which does not always seem that interactive, especially if there is no one else to accompany you in your quest.

However, dedicated software solutions do exist, and one of them is Spelling Bee Ninja, which helps you enhance your spelling skills in a fun environment.

First off, you need to know that the program features a simplistic GUI that should pose no difficulties to users, regardless of their tech knowledge as well as their age. All you need to do is create a free account using your email address, then start your exercises.

Needless to say, specifying the student grade is possible so that the difficulty level - standard, hard, or harder - is suitable, with the possibility of indicating how many questions each test comprises. Note that there is even a module aimed at adults, so not only children are targeted by the app. What’s more, enabling or disabling repeats can be easily done, as is the case of word definitions.

As for how a student can take a test, things are quite straightforward. The teacher whom you chose pronounces a word at the pace you selected, with the score being calculated so that you can assess your performance in real time.

As mentioned, repeating and skipping words can be done, and exploring an item’s definition using the integrated dictionary is also an option. However, pausing the test is not possible, so if you get interrupted, you can either end the exercise altogether or disregard the time counter.

At the end of each session, you are given comprehensive assessment info, with local and world rankings being available for you to compare your results with those of other people. In case your percentages as not as good as you would like them to be, adding words to a study list should remedy the situation.

All in all, Spelling Bee Ninja is a fun and user-friendly program designed to improve your ability to spell words right. What with its approachable interface and generous resources, this is a noteworthy educational tool addressed at a wide array of people.