SpiceLogic Work Time Tracker enables you to efficiently organize your activity and become more productive by tracking the time you spend carrying out a task. In a section where there is no shortage of similar applications, this particular one stands out from the crowd through its simplicity and ease of use.

The application is intuitive enough to have any type of user get accustomed to it immediately. There are two buttons within the main window, one dedicated to starting time tracking and the other for stopping the operation.

Practically, you can leave the application running for as long as you work on the current task and it will calculate the time period, displaying a report within a structured table.

For each task, you can optionally add short memos and set break hours that are excluded from the tracking. Moreover, SpiceLogic Work Time Tracker enables you to specify the hourly cost of the project, automatically determining the total expense.

Entries can be easily deleted and the list can be filtered to display the items for the current day only. For your convenience, the program enables you to search for a text memo within the list and quickly find the project you are looking for.

You can view the total break and work time, the expenses and the number of pending tasks within the main window. All the entered data can be easily saved to a PDF document or exported to Excel, for further processing.

SpiceLogic Work Time Tracker is a handy utility that can monitor the time you spend working on a particular project, without having to deal with complex configurations. While there are similar applications out there far more sophisticated, this one tries to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to creating a personal work log.