With the Internet becoming more and more accessible, fast, as well as one of the main methods of file sharing, multiple cloud services started flourishing. However, SpiderOakONE is not simply a virtual storage space, the application coming equipped with enhanced security methods and a handful of management tools in this regard.

One of the application's main advantages is that it is said to use zero-knowledge proof as a method of securing data that leaves your computer. In other words, the technique allows data to be sent to the dedicated storage space without revealing any info regarding content whatsoever, making it incredibly difficult for both internal and external threats to get ahold of your files.

The application's main window is structured in several tabs that represent the core functions. As such, you gain the possibility to view general status, back up data, browse through content, synchronize or even share files and folders. One or more devices can be added per account, with the space put at your disposal being shared by all of them.

Putting the application to good use is easy enough, but unlike other cloud services, you are mostly dependent of the main window. Creating a backup, for instance, is simply done by either selecting one of the predefined folders or manually browsing through your whole system for desired files.

What's more, you can use the application to quickly upload and share files throughout computers added to your current account. With the help of a side panel, all folders you keep active in the database can be located, viewed and downloaded, even if the parent machine is powered off. Moreover, you can choose to generate a download link to safely share with others.

Even though the application works like a charm and little effort is required on your behalf, you might still want to pay a visit to the preferences menu. This is because a hidden gem is found, a scheduler. It's incredibly easy to use, and if properly managed, can significantly boost already existing tools. It allows you to either make its processes recurrent or let the application decide when to trigger them.

All in all, SpiderOakONE is a powerful utility, strongly recommended if you work with fragile machines or data that is constantly in danger. The ingenious implementation of the zero-knowledge proof system is supposed to maximize security, while the interface and provided functions get you up and running in a jiffy.