Fire has always had a positive effect on the human mind. It doesn't matter if you love the warmth it emanates or the way it looks piercing through the darkness in a dance of light.

That goes double when you're talking about a fireplace inside your home, and that is exactly the feeling that Spirit of Fire 3D Screensaver brings to your desktop.

All aspects of this screensaver are made with the highest quality in mind. The flames look realistic and make you feel like you're warming up inside, the shadows move submissively against the light making the room feel all too mysterious, and the textures are just amazing.

It is hard not to be entranced by this dim lit room and not feel good about it, and anyone who's ever been to a mountain cabin can confirm.

The beauty is in the details as you may also browse your library for a picture that can be in the frame above the fireplace (as long as the picture has a recommended size of 96 x 128). Also worth mentioning is the vintage clock that tells the actual time.

The "Settings" menu is packed full of features that you can customize. For example, you can modify the resolution, glow intensity, set the texture's quality or enable and disable the music.

More so, you can make the app display the screensaver in a standard aspect ratio, or use the desktop's default settings. A neat feature is that you can also select whether the screensaver will be displayed on all of your monitors or not (for those running multi-monitor setups)

All aspects considered, Spirit of Fire 3D Screensaver is a great tool to have during the winter if you want to bring a little warmth to your PC, but it can be used by anyone who finds fireplaces to be a soothing place.