In modern society, people have a number of things to remember in a range of different categories, from grocery lists to important events. SplashShopper is an application that allows users to create custom lists into custom categories, with areas for additional detail on each list item.

The design of SplashShopper is very clear, it is based around a list of different categories, such as groceries, movies, books and emergencies. Once a user selects a particular category, different list entries can be added under each one. For each list entry, the program supports multiple text fields, as well as custom descriptions to add greater detail to the item.

The actual lists can be divided into three different categories; All, Need and Favorite. Users can flag a particular list item as either an essential item that they need to obtain soon, or as a favorite item that is regularly needed and should always be added to lists.

The application is aware that creating a list can be a tedious process, so it includes an import feature to automatically load lists you have previously made into SplashShopper. The import feature supports several different formats, as well as a duplicate button to copy existing lists which can be edited to create new lists.

There is an additional option to create lists from the several different categories already supported, as well as custom created ones. The Quicklist option generates lists based on items that are flagged as needed, users can select which categories they want to include, then all the flagged items form a new, separate list.

All in all, SplashShopper is a helpful addition to anyone who wants to organize their activities and purchases with more detail. The program provides a clear interface that is essential, but also makes it appealing, with a range of supporting features. SplashShopper offers a clear advantage to users trying to create their own lists in simple text programs or spreadsheets, easily providing more time saving options.