SplitMe is meant to help users in splitting their files into several customized or predefined parts.

The application supports loading any type of file. The only restriction is the size of the source document, but even that is not really a limit (approximately 8.6 x 109 GB for any given single file...).

The software allows users to choose the destination path for the file parts. After this has been performed, a simple click on the “Split-it” button will do the job.

There are multiple ways to divide a file and a “Custom” option is readily available. The predefined options generally deal with legacy media, such as old 3.5 or 5.25 inch diskettes.

For most users, the “Custom” function will prove more handy, since it allows manual control of the actual part sizes. After a user-defined value has been inserted, the program automatically computes the number of resulting items.

The generated items will have the extension "1", "2" and so on, and a EXE file is also created. Restoring documents is performed by running this program. All output content is placed in a newly-made folder with the same name designation as the source file.

Although SplitMe is flawless at what it does, a nice touch would have been the ability to also compress items. This is all the more evident since the program generates an executable file. Perhaps future versions of this software will address this issue.

To conclude, this application is a very simple solution for anyone having problems loading large documents on specific media storage items. Users that, for whatever reason, still rely on mobile legacy magnetic disks will surely find it an essential utility!