"Spring Lake" is an Animated Wallpaper devoted to the nature theme, namely, to the lakes. Would you like your desktop to have an animated an beautiful wallpaper? Just take a look at this lake: it is incredibly beautiful! This is because of the spring that has come to this place. It is in the spring when the nature awakes from the long winter dream, the entire fauna and flora comes to life, fills with new colours, and even the ordinary grass seems to be unusual as if it was drawn by a skilful painter.

A man has never been here and that is why the nature here remained in its primitive form, and sometimes it is impossible to withdraw eyes from this fascinating view: graceful swans are quietly and steadily rowing in the placid lake, and everything around is full of joy and songs...

Install Animated Wallpaper "Spring Lake" and you will have an opportunity to watch this unique nature beauty.


■ Pentium II

■ 128 RAM


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