Spring has always been a symbol of rebirth, new chances and life, and what better way to celebrate spring than by a mountain river alongside the birds' chirps.

Springtime 3D Screensaver  is an animated wallpaper and screensaver app that will surely make you remember the beauty of spring, even if you are forced to spend it in from of your monitor.

Unless you are looking at the nicely crafted vintage clock in the corner, you may actually forget that at you are looking at is a looped animation, since that how good the visuals are.

The moss-stained rocks along with the flowing water that reflect anything really come together to form the idea forest scenery. The trees themselves, both the 3D ones and the ones painted in the background are also realistic and the way the light can be seen through the branches will make you cover your eyes not to be blinded

The visuals are supported by environmental sounds and lighthearted music that will make you enjoy the coming of spring and the joy of being alive.

Despite the nice visuals, the app does not have any performance issues, regardless if whether you use it in animated wallpaper or in screensaver mode.

However, if you do manage to encounter any performance issues, you can always adjust or disable several audio and video settings. This ensures that the app can be run on most systems, regardless of how old or new they are

For example, you can adjust the screen resolution, aspect ratio, overall graphics quality, and sound volume. The sounds can also be disabled entirely, and be replaced with music from your own library.

The calendar says that spring lasts only 3 months a year, but with  Springtime 3D Screensaver you can make sure it lasts all year round.