Creating a video game is no easy task. The amount of learning and work you need to put into it is huge, hence why not anyone is a developer.

Those who do have the knowledge or at least the drive to create games do need a program for it as well. One application that they could use for this purpose is Sprite Basic Editor.

When you first hear about it, you automatically think this software is meant for editing video game sprites.

However, there is much more to it than its name implies. With this tool, you can create and/or edit entire video games, not just the sprites.

In order to create games, the program uses the JavaScript coding language. If you are not familiar with it or have any uncertainties along the way, Sprite Basic Editor offers you a complete user guide about everything you can do with it.

Whenever you want to see your creation in action, you can simply run it and see how it performs.

If you do notice any mistakes in your masterpiece, you don't need to worry. The program also comes with a debug feature, which helps you detect what is wrong and make the necessary corrections.

If you have to replace a word that appears multiple times throughout your code, you don't need to go through them one by one. Instead, you can use the Find feature to locate and substitute all the instances at once.

If you are working with limited hard drive space, you don't need to be afraid of not having where to save your work. The program syncs with Dropbox, and you can store your projects there until you can free up enough space on your PC.

Once again, coding is no simple task, and it may take some time to master it. But if you do have the drive to create your own video game, then Sprite Basic Editor is a solid choice.