Working in the field of game development or trying to build your own game might be a more challenging job than some think. And sometimes, this is due to not having the right tools for specific tasks.

But things can also get easier for the creators of games that make use of sprite stacks, with a specific pixel art tool which provides everything for their mission, and it's called SpritePile.

Seabass, the creator of SpritePile, was disappointed when he started adventuring into creating his own game, based on sprite stacks, by the tools that he found available for this type of project. Therefore, he was soon determined to make his own tool that can combine all the important things from the other ones, but also bring to the table whatever was missing.

And this is how SpritePile was born, through the will and skill of one person who didn't accept that he had to deal with the limitations of the tools used, instead of focusing more on his projects and passions.

SpritePile might be everything you needed for creating sprite-stacking based games. Featuring a simple and intuitive user interface, it provides you with an easy workflow when it comes to producing sprite-stacked voxel models. And what is even nicer, it comes with a preview window that can show you, in real-time, both what the object looks like and also if there is anything you need to fix, like holes or uneven sides.

It is very friendly for non-artists as well, whether you have developer-centric skills or not. You can copy/paste multiple layers, draw across all of the layers at once and even import sprites from other sources too, by using slices or billboards.

Overall, it is a great experience to create anything in SpritePile, and I would recommend this to anyone working on a game that uses sprite stacking. You will be impressed by what you can achieve with it.