SpyBlocker Blocks Adware and Spyware modules without preventing the use of any of your Favorite Software.

Works with your favorite browser or ad-supported software preventing 'bad guys' from Spying on you.

SpyBlocker will block over 800 known 'Spyware' programs from transferring information to and from your computer.

While you surf the World Wide Web SpyBlocker protects your from over 10,000 security holes!

Both Advertisements and Tracking information from unwanted companies and web sites will be blocked and you'll be able to track your success with counters for the number of blocked headers, spyware, web bugs, ads, cookies, worms and scripts with an optional log file that can keep track of the blocked resources by logging HTTP headers.

SpyBlocker removes the Internets unsafe resources and replaces them with a tiny user selected graphic. They aren't just covered up, they're completely blocked!