Any file on your computer can become corrupted overnight, because hardware crashes or human error. Working with databases implies huge amounts of data, therefore losing or corrupting critical content can put you in many difficult situations.

While you can avoid these unfortunate events by backing up, rendering your files unusable can be reverted by using specialized recovery software, such as SQL Server Repair Toolbox.

This application comes with a simple, intuitive layout that integrates easy-to-use wizards, thus boosting overall accessibility. You can recover lost data without effort, thanks to the unsophisticated interface SQL Server Repair Toolbox provides you with, although having medium PC knowledge might also prove efficient.

The main window allows you to customize certain parameters regarding preferred SQL version (e.g. 2000, 2005, 2008) or you can toggle recovery options.

On the downside, this handy utility includes an inaccessible help guide that could have proved to be useful in some situations.

After loading your damaged file, SQL Server Repair Toolbox displays a database structure where you can view details of your corrupted data. It is not possible to recover any other content that is not shown in this window.

Clicking items that are listed in the database structure provides you with an in-depth preview of your content, thus allowing you to decide whether to recover it or not.

You can choose between saving the script to your computer or executing it on database. This application allows you to specify a destination folder where it can export your recovered data to.

It is possible to set a custom size (in Kbs) and SQL Server Repair Toolbox can help you split your recovered content in parts.

To sum it up, this application can prove to be a helpful utility if you want to recover lost or corrupted SQL Server database files easily.