SRS HD Audio Lab acts as an audio plugin for your preferred audio / video player (whichever that is), enhancing the sound noticeably during the playback of media files. Its reputation is based on remaining faithful to powerful patented audio technologies that automatically build the optimal environment for the ultimate sound experience.

If you’re a Windows Media Player user, than you’ve tested the influence of SRS HD Audio Lab, because it’s bundled in Microsoft’s player by default. The combination of WOW and TruBass techonology improved your audio streams, whether you were aware of it or not.

As for the rest of the media players, SRS HD Audio Lab is not picky. Regardless of your software preferences, the plugin automatically adjusts the player to output the finest sound possibly. It’s safe to say that it acts just like a virtual sound card, processing the stream before it physically arrives in your speakers or headphones.

User efforts are reduced to selecting the type of content they wish to play (audio / video / games) and the speaker / headphone configuration.

Based on the type of stream you want to enhance, you can adjust controls such as 3D Space, 3D Center, Trubass, Speaker Size, Focus, SRS Definition, and Limiter (select between level 1 and 8).

The Options section allows you to set the default audio device and additionally, to enable/disable startup animation, animation sounds, and automatic startup at boot.

In conclusion, SRS HD Audio Lab adds bass, depth and clarity to sounds in all media players and in gaming environments. It runs in the background, while delivering a remarkably improved surround sound experience.