SsdReady is a tool designed to monitor SSDs and provide important details about them, such as estimate lifespan, total writes, and number of writes per day. It's dedicated to users who want to learn more about their hardware configuration.

The setup operation is a speedy task that shouldn't give you any trouble, thanks to the fact that there special options, prerequisite software requirements, or third-party components involved. As for the interface, SsdReady adopts a classical window with a user-friendly look.

You can start the monitoring operation with one click in order to view statistics with the total writes and reads, worst case, writes per day, read and write ratio, total files and operations, monitoring time, and approximate SSD life.

The developer has a webpage that you can use to get the estimate SSD life time based on the number of writes and measurement unit specified. Those who have purchased the professional edition can obtain a report with the most active processes, which are sorted by written data.

The application can be asked to automatically run at every Windows startup until told otherwise. Plus, it can minimize to the systray to become non-intrusive and let you carry on with your normal PC activity without any interruptions and while continuing to monitor the SSDs. Help documentation is available.

It didn't put a strain on the computer's performance in our tests, thanks to the fact that it used a low amount of CPU and RAM to work properly. No error dialogs popped up and it didn't hang or crash. Thanks to its intuitive interface and options, it can be used by anyone interested in discovering the lifespan and other important details about their solid state drives.