SshDesk is an amazing software solution with a great interface and sophisticated functionality that has extensive file management options and a scalable system.

Moreover, it allows the creation of up to 5 different user profiles, app and database management, synchronizations between your local directories and the server, as well as the option to add an unlimited number of server/SQL database connections.

This application allows users to gain access to servers through SSH connections using an SSH user and admin password, or with the help of an SSH key. If you do not have a private-public key pair, you can use the 'SSH Key Wizard' command to generate your keys. Equally, before initiating a connection, you can check the SSH access (to avoid failed connections and potential error logs into the system).

Moreover, the program also enables SQL access via SSH to a local or remote SQL server, with SQL user and password only.

After accessing the desired server, SshDesk will display a large, well-designed panel where all your files can be arranged and sorted by name, size, date modified, type, or access rights.

Overall, this application is amazing and a great way to navigate your server(s)' contents, upload and download resources, synchronize files from your local filesystem to the online storage space, editing files, advanced file exploration and sorting options, etc.

Equally, for beginners, SshDesk has a comprehensive, multi-language documentation that describes in great detail all the important processes and available features.