When organizing a concert or a festival, planning ahead is the best way to ensure that no unpleasant events occur. When it comes to stage layout, every musical instrument or auxiliary tool needs to have a well determined place.

StagePlotPro is a crafty piece of software that can help you prepare a scene for a music concert, whilst ensuring that every available space is well planned and used.

The application provides you with a flexible environment for plotting the layout of a stage, then print it. You can define its size and then work on how musical instruments will be placed on it. Although it has a multitude of musical instruments available, the program makes use of other auxiliary tools, such as curtains, chairs and other objects that you might need for your scene layout.

Furthermore, you can add descriptive notes for certain instruments, in case they need special handling for when the stage will be deployed.

StagePlotPro can be used to set up the layout of a stage prior to its deployment, so that each singer and instrument player will know where their instruments are. By printing the schematics of each built stage layout, you can help technicians and the staff in charge with mounting and connecting the musical instruments and auxiliary tools.

On top of that, you can manage each added instrument or tool, by positioning it to its proper place, or by aligning it with other instruments, in order to create symmetry.

To sum it up, StagePlotPro offers you a quick and efficient way of creating a stage layout for any concert. It does so by displaying a 2D layout of a stage, seen from above. Although this is ideal for printing, adding 3D models and stage views would significantly increase the flexibility of the application, even if creating the 3D models for each tool and instrument could take some time.