An app with a simple and straightforward files management system that enables tagging all the objects from your personal collections.

First of all, Stagsi is a super-convenient solution for users who need to handle large sets of data and more generally, a lot of digital assets. This tool is suitable for organizing your files, mainly using a tagging system, rather than organizing these items in separate directories.

The program's capabilities are impressive, especially for a free instrument. As long as you have a powerful computer, you can benefit from the tool's advantageous features. For example, Stagsi can handle up to 100,000 objects, which means it is suitable for those who have extremely large music or photo collections.

Also, because the items are not modified, their source can be different, from different partitions, directories, or databases. Because the program has a well-built system, you also get extra security when handling your files — you can enable automatic (based on file hashes, MD5) or perform manual file integrity checks to make sure you don't corrupt the original item.

For managing your precious data, Stagsi uses solid data storage mechanisms. Everything is kept in a database that has dedicated partitions for every important process. For imported content, the objects' thumbnail and data are assigned to numbered directories.

At its basics, the core mechanism and all the assets are structured in a standard SQLite version 3 database. To read more about its structure, check this page. (

Surely. Stagsi is fast, intuitive, and simple to use. It allows you to create and implement your desired organizational system from scratch. You can make your tags, change the tags' colors, or re-configure the defaults.

Moreover, you can speed up your tagging processes with custom keystrokes, add attachments to your objects' folders, import metadata and plugins, and even filter your content of conduct in-depth searches with custom-made filers, in the query language.