Stamp collectors all around the world might have difficulties in keeping their collection organized in a written inventory and most of the time will they end up using multiple text documents. However, this method is quite time consuming and less reliable than a standard database. Stamps Multi Collector was created to help users maintain an organized digital catalog of their stamp collection, though its database management capabilities and increased stamp sheet customization.

Stamps Multi Collector features a thoughtful design that will facilitate the users’ ability to create a stamp database and insert numerous details for each individual item of the collection. The application allows the creation of multiple collections, based on standard, online or existing database templates.

Each collection can be customized in terms of location, name or icon and users will have the chance to add multiple details concerning the characteristics of each database. Furthermore, each stamp receives its own data-sheet, where users can add infromation about its condition, value, location, material, perforations, etc.

The application allows users to enter all their stamps into a digital database and it provides the means to also search information about the stamps online, right from its interface. However, in our tests, when trying to access any website, the application exhibited constant freezing and needed to be closed forcibly.

Users will be able to customize the way which the application displays their stamp collection, through a powerful layout manager tool. This feature provides an extensive array of customization tools that will greatly help collectors configure their preferred collection view.

This application might be a good choice for those who are passionate about stamp collecting and are seeking for a solution to keep a digital inventory of their collections. It will provide them with numerous tools for organizing the individual items into databases and customizing all the different characteristics that collectors might require. Nevertheless, its extra features such as the built-in web search are not so well implemented and might exhibit unstable behavior.