Stand-Bye! is an eco-friendly alternative to the default Windows standby mode that also offers much more control to the user. It prevents the PC from going into standby mode if it detects running downloads or certain active processes.

Stand-Bye! can act as a standby scheduler that not only allows your PC to finish its running activities before going to sleep but it also enables you to configure the standby conditions and settings to a greater extent. Ultimately, this results in energy and power saving, since the computer does not run unless it does something you wanted it to do.

You can configure Stand-Bye! to automatically standby the computer after a definite time interval (which can be set up precisely, down to seconds) if the system is not in use.

Aside from the wait-time, Stand-Bye! offers you the possibility to set other conditions, such as CPU, RAM, HDD or network traffic thresholds. This option prevents processes that require high resources to end prematurely.

One other option is to create an exception list, which includes one or more processes that, if running, block the standby mode automatically.

One practical feature is the so-called 'Presentation mode', which can be easily toggled with a key combination (LCTRL+ALT+P). When activated, this mode instructs the computer not to switch to the standby mode even if the PC goes idle, since that might turn off the monitor while you are making your presentation.

As shown above, Stand-Bye! addresses various situations and provides different ways to help you efficiently manage your computer's status. Usage is straightforward, and the interface is modern and friendly, providing one-click access to all the options and additional explanations that help you get acquainted with the application much faster.