Start Menu Selector has been designed for a simple purpose that enabled early Windows 8 adopters to turn on the old Start Menu present in the previous version of the operating system.

However, this worked only for a short period of time, until Microsoft caught up with the trick and discarded this functionality in Windows 8 when it was still in Developer Preview stage.

Windows 8 has been built using parts of the code used in earlier versions of the OS, and back in the early beginning the code for the old Start Menu was still available in the product.

Since users bewailed this old functionality in the new Windows, some developers took to themselves to find workarounds to the problem and found the forgotten code for the orb and a way to enable it.

Start Menu Selector basically allowed users to toggle between the modern start screen present in Windows 8 and the old menu available in Windows 7. This could be done thanks to an new option being added to the desktop context menu.

The utility would automatically change some values in the registry so that the old menu would appear in the modern OS. The developer also included a file that would remove the context menu entry.

If you’re looking forways to bring a start menu on the classic desktop of Windows 8 there are several very good alternatives available, with Classic Shell being a versatile choice.