StatsRemote is a practical tool for all the businesses who are using affiliate programs for their websites. The purpose of the program is to provide you with detailed statistics about revenues, visitors and other related information.

Affiliate programs are one of the main income sources for the website owners that are using advertising to redirect clients to certain web pages. Since the number of visitors has a direct impact on the generated revenue, the companies need to keep a close eye on their statistics.

This program is designed to facilitate the access to a large number of affiliate programs in order to deliver the statistics in a single interface. Thus, you can easily check the information from your account without having to manually login to every website.

Since most companies frequently use more than one affiliate, this tool can help you save a lot of time by retrieving all the details with minimum effort. All you need to do is add the programs to the list and provide your login information.

If the list is substantial, the Import feature allows you to quickly add the login details from a CSV file. Afterwards you can customize each item in order to display the desired percentages and categories.

Although the interface is different for each affiliate website, the statistics are similar which enables the user to easily compare the numbers. This application enables you to view the statistics for recent time intervals, a certain year or month by switching between tabs.

Additionally, you have the option to automatically send the details to an email address or upload them to a FTP server every time you check for updates. This feature can be combined with the scheduling options in order to automate the operation.

Overall, the StatsRemote is designed to retrieve important statistics about the affiliate programs that you are using. The list of supported platforms is extensive and you also have the option to request new affiliates.