Stay Alive is an application developed to keep Internet connection alive without any user input.

Especially helpful for all those still using a dial-up connection, Stay Alive comes with a very user-friendly approach, grouping the essential options in a tiny window.

Basically, the application is aimed at users who are automatically disconnected by their ISPs whenever their connection is idling, trying to simulate Internet activity to prevent this from happening.

The main window of the app shows the time left till the next “activity simulation”, but also lets you input the interval for this process.

There are a few options too in order to launch the program with Windows and start its engine whenever you load the app.

But what’s more important is that Stay Alive comes with a dedicated option to randomize the interval for simulating Internet activity, which is quite helpful in case your ISP blocks ping requests and thus disconnects you.

Stay Alive doesn’t require any special computer skills, but it’s still recommended to have a look in the “Help” section because it comes with important documentation on the available features.

To sum up, Stay Alive is an app that does its job when it comes to dial-up accounts, preventing your computer from getting disconnected from the Internet. It has just a few options and comes with a very basic interface to provide one click access to the built-in features.