It is for good reason that privacy is such a hot topic nowadays, and we are not referring strictly to the enterprise environment. The average individual who surfs the web has started to pay more attention to what happens to their data, and a sense of ownership is becoming apparent.

StealthWalker is a piece of software that puts at your disposal the means of making sure your identity is protected at all times. What it does is establish a VPN connection so that all communication is secure and that you are in full control of what information you reveal about yourself.

Installing the application is a task that anyone should handle and that, during our tests, took only a couple of seconds. An approachable but not necessarily eye-catching GUI then prompts you.

Establishing a VPN connection is easy as pie as you only need to click the “Connect” button. Once you are assigned a new IP, the connection status changes to secure, and you are also informed about the bandwidth.

It is worth pointing out that what StealthWalker promises to do is provide you with an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the server you connect to. This means that you are safe not only within the browser but also when using other messaging applications and whatnot.

As a result, no one can track your activity online, be they online marketers, hackers, or other curious eyes, which makes it a pretty reliable solution especially if you want to surf the Internet using WiFi hotspots or public Access Points.

What is great about the application is that, even though it can be used without further tweaks, there are a series of features advanced users might enjoy, such as user management and VPN server management.

What’s more, accessing the Tor network at a mouse click is possible using this application, once again proving its poignant focus on security.

On an ending note, StealthWalker is an all-encompassing VPN solution you should take for a spin if you care about your privacy online. The program offers multiple layers of encryption and protects your identity while browsing the web, with its feature set catering to the needs of both novices and advanced users.