People around the world have to deal with browsing restrictions, whether they are set in place by the website owners themselves, governments or organizations. However, there are ways to bypass these restrictions and access all content on the web.

Stealthy is a browser extension for Opera that is also available for Chrome and Firefox. It enables you to route your traffic through servers from around the world, hide your true location and access websites that would normally be unavailable.

With Stealthy, you can send your web traffic through servers situated in many countries around the world, making it seem like you are accessing websites from the selected location and hiding your true whereabouts.

Aside from allowing you to browse restricted websites, this extension helps keep your online activities private, providing you with an extra layer of security.

The extension can be activated by simply clicking its icon in the Opera toolbar, but you need to access the configuration panel in order to select a different location.

Free users can have the extension pick a random location or choose servers from a limited pool, while Pro users have more options and several other advantages, including unrestricted bandwidth.

It is worth noting that you can also disable Stealthy for certain websites if you feel that it is not necessary. Simply go to the Exceptions tab and add the web pages or domains you don’t want the extension to be enabled for.

If you just need the extension’s features when browsing in incognito mode, you have the option to use the proxy setting only when this mode is enabled.

Overall, Stealthy is a useful Opera extension for those who need to bypass website restrictions and keep their browsing patterns private. It offers a decent feature set and is very easy to use