STEARsoft is a software solution designed to help teachers and schools keep digital attendance records while at the same time being reliable and easy to deploy. The application features a web-based interface and can take advantage of a school's intranet to enable users to record attendance or incidents using both PCs and Apple or Palm OS mobile devices.

In order to use the application, users need to install it on a machine connected to the institution's intranet. Users can then access its functions using a web browser or the dedicated iOS app.

Installing and setting up the server is not particularly difficult and does not require extensive knowledge of how a network operates. Once the server is running, users can open a browser window and, using the address provided by the program, access its interface.

Users can login as teachers or as administrators. Administrator accounts can be used to configure some of the application's options and create new accounts, as well as add students, assign classes, create and configure school terms, forms or houses. They can also import student information from ODBC-compatible databases.

When logged in as teachers, users can view their assigned timetable and classes. By clicking on the name of a class one can view students and edit their attendance status. The application provides multiple such statuses and users can create or configure their own.

Each status has a graphical symbol associated with it, which makes it easier to quickly scan the attendance records of large numbers of students.

The program can also generate summaries and reports regarding classes or individual pupils.

This is a reliable application designed to streamline the way attendance records are handled. It provides an easy to use web-based interface that can be used or accessed across a school's intranet.