SteelSoft is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you translate words, phrases, and text between various languages. The tool requires an active Internet connection in order to accomplish the translation process.

The GUI looks easy to decode and integrates all configuration settings into a single panel. It does not come packed with a help manual but you can tweak the parameters in no time because they are highly intuitive.

The main window is divided into two areas which are responsible for showing the input text and revealing its corresponding translation.

SteelSoft offers support for an automatic language detection mode. You just need to input the text directly in the main window or paste it from the clipboard.

In case the application fails into recognizing the input text automatically, you are allowed to manually select the source language from a drop-down list. You are given the freedom to perform translations between various languages, such as German, French, English, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish.

The translated text can be copied to the clipboard so you can quickly transfer it into other third-party utilities. In addition, you may print data.

Tests have shown that SteelSoft carries out the translation process pretty quickly. It is not a resource hog so you do not have to worry that it affects the overall performance of your computer.

To sum things up, SteelSoft provides a simple software solution for translating foreign emails, instant chat messages, or other pieces of information automatically. It comes packed only with basic features so you cannot edit the translated document and export data to plain text and DOC file format, just to name a few suggestions.