Stellar Active Directory Manager is a comprehensive and efficient software solution that was developed to provide you with a method of centralizing multiple Active Directory servers, so you can work with them all from a single location.

When you launch the program you have the possibility of setting a password, which will be requested every time you need to access it.

However, this is a security measure that is not absolutely mandatory, though recommended, so you can easily skip it by pressing the indicated button.

For starters, you will need to configure your connections by adding the domains you want to work with. The ‘Add Domain’ tool lets you input the name of your server, along with the proper username and password, in order to list it as a node in the ‘Entire Network’ panel.

Double-clicking on your domain enables you to display the child nodes corresponding to it (‘Controllers’, ‘Users’, Groups’ and others), so you can begin fiddling with their configuration. The ribbon functions allow you to generate Active Directory reports with minimal effort, or run queries for several users and computers.

The ‘GPO Management’ component lets you to adjust the settings on multiple systems simultaneously, create specific options for certain groups or enforce policies. Moreover, you can create new users or dispose of existing ones in bulk, being able to activate or deactivate them, delete, rename, move or unlock them, as well as reset their password. Similar tasks can be executed for groups, computers and domain controllers.

All in all, Stellar Active Directory Manager proves to be a reliable and intuitive application that can successfully assist you in running a wide array of management tasks on your Active Directory computers, saving you time and effort by allowing you to access them from one dashboard.