In spite of any type of security measures, files get corrupted all the time and they become unusable, leaving you unable to retrieve the lost data. In addition, the same can happen with your Outlook email messages, since they are basically kept in a file on your computer, which can just as easily fall prey to malware and viruses.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Repair (formerly Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery) is a software utility that aims to help you recover the lost emails, by allowing you to repair and restore DBX files. Hence, you can retrieve everything from sender address, subject and the actual content of the messages. Before restoring the document, the application enables you to preview the items and make sure that you are recovering exactly what you need.

As far as the user interface goes, the utility sports a simple, but effective layout, which is able to properly display the emails in table form and offer you a nice overview on the entire document. In addition, you can also search specific folders on your computer for DBX files, in case you cannot find them by yourself.

After the recovery process is over, the application allows you take a look at a summary detailing the operation. Thus, you can view the location of the original file, the repair start and complete time, as well as the status of any ongoing procedures. Moreover, the logs can be easily saved on your computer under the TXT format.

Among the most useful features of the utility is the fact that it is capable of handling multiple DBX files at the same time, thanks to its batch-repair mode. Hence, you can add entire folders at once and recover every corrupted document that can be found within them, as well as automatically save the new versions.

All in all, although it lacks any kind of advanced features, Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Repair is a handy application to have around when you are dealing with corrupted DBX files. In addition, the simple and intuitive user interface allows anyone to get the most out of the utility, regardless of any previous experience.