Stellar Phoenix Registry Manager provides you with a secure way to clean your computer from unnecessary files and invalid registry entries, in the attempt to optimize the system performance and free up disk space.

The application integrates a registry cleaner that is ready to assist you in finding unused keys and have them removed from the PC. Prior to deleting such files, it is recommended that you perform a backup of your registry, which can also pe done with Stellar Phoenix Registry Manager.

Aside from erasing leftovers in the registry, it also includes options for cleaning junk files, thus keeping your computer free from unwanted or unused data. Furthermore, it detects all the installed browsers and enables you to quickly delete the history of accessed webpages, cookies, auto-fill data, favorite websites and so on.

Stellar Phoenix Registry Manager also enables you to completely wipe unused space on your computer, so as to protect your privacy and make deleted files impossible to recover. Moreover, it includes a file and folder wiping tool designed to help you permanently get rid of sensitive files and folders.

The integrated physical memory optimizer aims to improve the system performance by freeing up RAM space. Also, you can use it to continuously monitor the RAM and CPU usage.

Stellar Phoenix Registry Manager consists of a set of tools ready to help you clean up the computer, optimize your system and protect your privacy. Thanks to the integrated scheduler, you can instruct it to execute a specific task at a user-defined time in the future, without requiring further interaction.