Stellar Phoenix Repair for JPEG was designed to repair corrupt or unreadable JPEG files that cannot be opened by an image editor. It also can extract the thumbnails of such files.

The scenarios that require such a tool are numerous; whether you own camera or memory card that acts faulty or a virus affected your picture collection to such a degree that you can’t open the files anymore, Stellar Phoenix Repair for JPEG comes across as a resolution in all of these situations.

The application promises to repair damaged files, allowing you to save them to your computer without affecting their layout or quality. However, there’s no guarantee that it will actually succeed, as chances depend on the degree of damage, most of all.

Stellar Phoenix Repair for JPEG benefits from a classy and stylish design, enabling you to easily perform a complete repair process. Keep in mind that the application’s support is limited to JPG and JPEG files and other graphic formats don’t make the object of its purpose. All the files have to be added by hand, since there’s no option to add en entire folder.

The duration of the repair process depends on both the number of items inside the list, as well as on the degree of damage that your pictures carry. The results are displayed in a separate window, where you can also preview and save the recovered graphics locally.

On an ending note, Stellar Phoenix Repair for JPEG could save the day if your photos are severely damaged. However, the support for graphic formats is quite restricted and the price is a little too high for a market that doesn’t fall short of such utilities.