A sticky notes application can come in handy when you need to remember important tasks or write down information. One of such applications is Sticky Notes.

It's a clean and sleek program that lets you create multiple notes on your desktop, pin them on top of other windows and make some adjustments to them.

The application installs quickly and it allows you to create as many sticky notes as you want. It sports a clean and intuitive graphical interface with some settings that you can adjust.

A comparison with the default Sticky Notes application on some Windows computers is pertinent. Although Windows's Sticky Notes sports a cleaner interface, this program has more features. However, not all are available unless you upgrade to the premium version.

It lets you open as many notes as you want and place them on your desktop. It automatically displays the creation date and the time when it was last updated. You can also roll pins so that more would fit on the screen and it lets you pin them on top of other applications.

There's no text limit, but it's best if you keep your notes short and concise. You can minimize them to the taskbar and it lets you adjust font and color. Pick whichever font style, type or size you want and add it's very own color to make it stand out.

It has some tools for making changes to all notes at once, you can pin, roll, un-roll and delete them altogether. It has a search feature for accessing certain notes fast and you can use the word wrap feature.

It supports undo actions, you can copy and paste text from one note to another or to other applications. It also supports special characters. All in all, Sticky Notes is a nice and useful application for writing notes on your computer, but it would have been nice if it had some more unique features.