SASS performs a Fundamental Value Based (NAIC style) Analysis of historical company financial data, displaying information graphically for easy & intuitive interpretation.

Open .ssg files from either NAIC or CSA, or quickly fill in financial info manually. Download .ssg files directly into SASS from NAIC's Better-Investing web site.

SEE stock's Sales, EPS, Price & Return for up to past 10 years. SEE graphs for company's ability to maintain growth including Retention Ratio, Return on Equity, Sustainable Growth, Equity, Asset & Revenue Efficiencies.

View stock's Risk vs. Reward ratio. Check whether current price is in the Buy, Maybe or Sell zones. A must for individual investors or members of stock investment clubs.


■ 15 days trial

■ Download, Print and Save are disabled

What's New in This Release:

■ ADDED: Ability to retrieve financial data for USA and Canadian public companies from the net. Retrieved data can be saved in standard .ssg file format.

■ NOTE - No fees or subscription required.

■ ADDED: Ability to retrieve stock symbols for public companies in 12 countries (Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden & USA).

■ NOTE - No fees or subscription required.

■ ADDED: Balloon Help in Windows OS.

■ ADDED: Help Tags in Mac OS X.

■ MODIFIED: Date calculations made independent of system date format. Modified message boxes accordingly.

■ MODIFIED: Most recent full year understands and accepts older data dates from before 2000.

■ MODIFIED: Date checking between full year end and latest quarter end date alerts user when the difference in dates is not an even quarter or when the difference in dates exceeds 12 months (4 quarters).

■ MODIFIED: Minimum required number of most recent quarters for Sales & EPS changed from 8 to 5.

■ MODIFIED: Plotting of label for DPS line placed adjacent to the DPS line whether or not a recent DPS value exists.

■ MODIFIED: Font displayed in ROE Sub-component list box update when a new font selection is made from the Font menu.

■ MODIFIED: Projected earning line for EPS drawn at correct slope if best fit line exceeds 20% compound growth.

■ FIXED: Plot of EPS, where a value of 0 was ignored instead of plotted.

■ FIXED: Plot of Best Fit line for EPS, where first or last value of EPS was