StreamBuffRe captures online streams and forwards them to local players, allowing you to enjoy watching videos without having to use a web browser. Its name stands for "Buffer and Redirect Streams", although its functionality is not limited to that; it also comes with additional functions, such as downloading and converting online multimedia content.

When running StreamBuffRe for the first time, you must go through the configuration process to download and install prerequisites. While some can be skipped, others must be installed for StreamBuffRe to be able to work properly.

youtube-dl is the URL resolver StreamBuffRe uses to recognize the URL and extract information about the stream, while FFMPEG allows it to convert the videos. As for the compatible players, StreamBuffRe prompts you to choose between VLC and MPV, both free software. For your convenience, StreamBuffRe can download the installer packages without you having to look them up online yourself.

Working with StreamBuffRe is pretty intuitive, as you just have to type in or paste the correct stream URL in the dedicated field. As an extra benefit, the application features support for automatic recognition of links in the clipboard.

Right-clicking on an entry allows you to send the stream to the local player (VLC or MPV, whichever you installed). Additionally, downloading and recording the stream is possible, both as a merged audio-video file and as MP3 only. Customizable stream size and time limitations, as well as different playback qualities,  are other options you can tamper with.

As secondary features, StreamBuffRe comes with favorites support, a player history, and stream feed monitoring. Furthermore, it features remote controlling.

StreamBuffRe is an interesting application for those who want to use a local player instead of their browser for playing online content. What's more, it is not just a player, but it also conveys a video and audio downloader and converter that enables you to grab clips or music to a locally-stored collection. As a suggestion, it would be good to have the converter support for file formats.