If you frequently visit YouTube to catch up your latest subscribed episodes and other videos, you might be interested in a way of capturing the stream and redirecting it to your favorite video player for offline viewing. This can be done with StreamBuffRe (aka "Buffer and Redirect Streams").

More than just a simple YouTube downloader, the tool is capable of watching stream feeds to immediately grab and save new clips. It doesn't require a web browser to work, only asking you to input the stream URL. A playlist can be put together with multiple streams to download videos from various sources.

To be able to work with this tool, you must install youtube-dl and PhantomJS. If you want to do this on your own, PhantomJS offers to set up the newest versions. Once you reach the maon app window, you can input the YouTube URL you want to capture video from, as well as pick the preferred quality.

Downloaded clips can be automatically played with your default video player. Also, multiple profiles are supported, so that you can put together many YouTube downloading sessions with different settings applied.

You can allow StreamBuffRe to add resolved URLs to history, start streams as soon as the resolve is successful, remember the last resolved URL, and autorun at every Windows startup. It's also possible edit feeds, manage Tox and network connections, and configure bufffering settings.

Global hotkeys can be activated for toggling the main and preview window, closing the tool, playing the last entry in the player, closing all players, and so on. Remote control is supported via HTTP.

All aspects considered, StreamBuffRe offers a straightforward solution for playing YouTube clips in local video player by redirecting the captured streams.