Sensitive data nowadays is more and more difficult to protect from unwanted access and attacks. Users must constantly struggle to find various protection methods for their data, as hackers are becoming increasingly skilled.

StringEncrypt is an application that was developer in order to provide people with a solution for encrypting their custom text strings for various programming languages or preferred files.

The application works by employing a random generated encryption algorithm, which yields a unique decryption code for the selected programming language. Addressing a broad range of users, StringEncrypt supports some of the most common programming languages: C / C++, C# Sharp, Delphi / Pascal, Java, Java Script, Python, Haskell, MASM or FASM.

It will allow one to define a custom text label and input the required text string for the encryption. Additionally, users will be able to also add files to be encrypted and the application offers a classical file browsing feature.

People can select for the application to encrypt the string in UNICODE or ANSI character formats and choose the corresponding programming language. New lines can be encrypted in Unix / Windows or Mac style and one will be able to set for the application to declare encrypted strings as logical variables.

Two sliders on the main interface allow users to select the number of encryption commands and a dropdown menu houses the library of programming languages that correspond to the inputted text strings.

Once the inputted text has been encrypted, people can preview it the dedicated decryptor code view, which will allow them to copy the source code by double click.