It is not uncommon to find yourself having to merge multiple columns of text or extract important information from a document that contains a lot of redundant data. Normal text editors are not suitable for these tasks, but there are specialized tools that can assist you.

StringEx is a powerful application that can help you perform these operations and more. It is very versatile thanks to the numerous features it provides, and it comes with a minimalistic, intuitive interface, but the included documentation not quite up to par.

The program allows you to work with up to four columns, and you can insert content from text files or paste it directly from the clipboard.

In order to combine these data sources, you need to create a template that determines where lines from each of the columns are placed and which characters should be inserted between them.

The process is not too difficult, and you can consult the documentation if you run into any issues. However, the provided explanations are sometimes difficult to understand, although the included screenshots are certainly very helpful.

StringEx is mainly designed to help you merge text from multiple columns, but it also offers several other features that can make your job easier.

For instance, it enables you to split a large block of text into multiple columns based on a predefined filter, and then load the processed text into the main application to be merged, as well as extract rows that contain various terms and match a series of user-defined parameters.

Additionally, it provides you with content generators that can quickly insert a number, word, date or time sequence into any of the available columns.

Visually, the application does not stand out, but the simple menu layout should certainly be appreciated by first-time users.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that the various text panels can be resized freely, and you can hide any of the toolbars you do not need in order to reduce clutter.

To sum up, StringEx is a feature-packed, versatile utility that provides a solution for users who frequently work with large text blocks that need to be merged or filtered. It does its job very well, and it features a clean, streamlined interface, but the included documentation is a bit disappointing.