Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp functions both as an audio plugin and a standalone application, providing you with a poweful bass amplifier. It can be used in the studio for audio processing, as well as during live performances, enabling you to deliver the audience inspiring tones and a worth-remembering experience.

Relying on digital vacuum tube techonology, Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp features advanced tone controls designed to enhance your sounds and mixes. It is available as a VST plugin, but it also supports RTAS-compatible hosts and can be used in standalone mode during live sessions.

You can adjust the bass and the treble frequencies, while the other functions are designed to help you deliver astonishing tones by reducing sound interferences. The preamplifier features boost switch and parametric mid adjustments, as well as 'Bright' and 'Deep' push buttons that can be used for altering the response. The 'Power Amp' control comes with options for calibrating the natural compression and restricting the level of the output audio signals.

Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp is based on two speaker cabinet models (4x10 and 1x15), as well as modeling filters that work together in order to make your songs sound great. The D.I. box emulator ensures its compatibility with various cabinets. It also comes with a built-in equalizer that features master level, which can help you adjust the frequency balance.

Sound processed by Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp include rich tones, providing the dynamic response that real electronic amplifiers create. It can be used during studio recording sessions, by guitar players.

The technology Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp is built upon is similar to that of the most powerful tube amplifiers. With the help of this virtual bass amplifier, you can increase the amplitude of the audio signal without altering the sound quality.