Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp is an audio plugin that can be used in conjunction with several hosts, as well as a standalone application for the making of unique and accurate sounds.

Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp provides a set of audio effects that can be exercised in live mode and delivers a variety of tone controls through which handling sounds is done gracefully.

Setting it up is not a difficult process; the only time user intervention is required significantly is when the type of installation needs to be selected. Here, the options vary from deploying it as a VST or RTAS plugin or as a standalone program – no third-party hosts or applications needed.

Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp relies on an architecture that mimics a real tube amplifier, therefore working with it will be inspiring and the result is an overall boost in creativity. If you have experience with a similar product, you’ll have no problem figuring out the controls and their placement inside the main window.

The GUI is divided into several sections, where preamp modules, gain and tone controls, as well as power amp cabinets and noise gate commands are placed inside a layout that’s easy to understand.

Parameters such as style (modern, British or classic), channel (lead, crunch or clean) and boost can be triggered with the aid of stylish switches, while the tone and noise can be adjusted via a set of flexible buttons.

The best thing about Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp is that it offers a whole lot inside such a minimalistic interface. The level of tone and sound adjustments surpass the expectations, compared to the competition.