Studio One Professional is a feature-rich application that bundles a wide variety of tools and utensils that nurture and support music or track creation.

First off, you should know that you are required to have a PreSonus account in order to use the application. Once you are over this step, you can easily download the components that can help you create impressive new tracks or improve previous work.

Upon launch, you are welcome by a splash screen that enables you to get a glance over your progress, adjust hardware settings, check out the available demos and tutorials and work on developing new skills. The splash window also enables you to view the Songs and Projects that you have been creating or editing lately.

As you probably hinted by now, the Song or Project windows are the locations where you can take advantage of the numerous tools and features to create a new track from scratch or edit the ones you have been involved in so far. You will be happy to learn that everything is neatly organized in the same window, so you can easily access any feature you need with just one click, thus making everything faster and smoother.

The highlight of the application stems from the vast array of utensils it comes with to simplify and even out the creative process. Since everything revolves around the idea of convenience, it does not come as a surprise that the utility includes a tool that permits song and version sections re-arrangement via the Arranger Track and respectively, Scratch Pads functions.

The application also packs numerous effects, instruments, loops, samplers and synthesizers that allow you to edit and enhance the tracks you are working on easily. Unfortunately, you can find the aforementioned tools in the uttermost right of the GUI in a rather crowded panel, but that you can expand for better management.

All in all, if you feel that you are in a rut with your song creation and would like to work without interruptions or distractions, such as juggling multiple windows for instance, then perhaps Studio One Professional could come in handy.