StyleControls is a simple to use software that enables you to customize the layout of programs or projects in development. The software includes a bundle of components that you can use to personalize other interfaces. You can also use the Classic drawing tool, System Themes and VCL styles.

StyleControls allows you to draw program controls, such as buttons, menus, links or context menus and stylize their layout. The software offers a large collection of VCL controls that you can modify, in order to fit the requirements or profile of your end result. The software is designed to work with Delphi XE3-XE7, as well as with C++ Builder XE3-XE7.

The software allows you to control the level of transparency, the colors, type of borders, backgrounds, even animations of the elements in your program’s interface. Moreover, you can select between multiple options of actions or animations that occur when a button is clicked or hovered over. Additionally, backgrounds with alpha-channel control are available.

StyleControls allows you to customize the actions triggered when a button or menu is hovered upon or clicked on. Thus, you may add glowing or shadowing effects for labels, text on controls, glow to selections or animations for buttons.

The software offers support for creating tree structures or list view components, as well as for themes and VCL styles. You may add custom functionality buttons, panels, groupboxes or tab controls and personalize them before applying them to the interface. Moreover, you can add radio buttons or checkboxes with glyph symbols.

Not only does StyleControls allow you to create the interface style for your application but it can also apply all the modifications you made, on the spot, to each control, in order to offer you a preview. Moreover, the software offers support for creating and editing standard controls, advanced and shell controls.