SunRav BookOffice is a comprehensive yet accessible application that comes with two separate utilities, a word processor and a file reader, to offer a professional and simple way to write drafts or multi-chaptered books, and view them using the second tool.

The setup installs both programs and creates individual desktop icons for each one. They are wrapped in modern and easy-to-use interfaces, with all the essential options neatly structured and located in plain sight.

The editor comes with a ribbon layout, similar to Microsoft Office, with a content panel on the left side of the window, and the processor on the right. You can import existing files from the computer in SRB, EXE and ZIP formats. The menu is optimal for creating books or help guides with numerous chapters. The output can be exported to CHM, HTML, PDF, EXE, RTF and TXT file types.

It offers various formatting elements, like font types, styles, sizes, and colors, as well as paragraph alignment and indent, background and fill tones, and page breaks. In addition, you can insert pictures, tables, bookmarks, hyperlinks, bubble notes, along with audio/video files, flash, symbols, 3D objects, and lines. Chapters may be arranged in the desired positions, by moving them up, down, left, and right.

The reader lets you open the newly created documents and view them along with their table of contents. The provided interface is similar to the word processor but comes with fewer options. Among them, you can find the print preview and related settings, zoom in and out, full-screen, and navigational controls.

Plus, on the left part of the window, you can access the index search, to easily find specific terms, by inputting the full name or only parts of it. It's possible to customize the tool's layout, choosing from several predefined themes.

Taking everything into account, SunRav BookOffice is a suite of two independent utilities, an editor and reader, to compose personal books, app guides, or simple help files, and read them, at the same time.