Enhancing one's multimedia library with custom audio files is a simple task today, as microphones are highly widespread and affordable. Recorded output files can be employed for a variety of tasks, from technical support to education and even entertainment. Allowing its users to save to disk what their imagination dictates them is Super Audio Recorder, a practical and simple sound recording application.

The program features a highly user-friendly interface, essentially made up of a main working window plus several minor windows catering to settings adjustments. Saving original audio to disk is as simple as pressing an on-screen button, although hotkeys can also be employed.

These shortcuts can be customized in the options menu, thus allowing one to avoid any conflicts with other programs; two drop-down menus allow users to select which recording device to be used, as well as the desired input channels.

Users can adjust the volume settings for the output document and among supported formats, one can find MP3s, WMAs or WAVs. Depending on the selected file type, users can adjust various quality parameters, such as the channels used or the sample rates employed.

Finally, the destination path and name of the output track can be specified and a great feature is the “Files Manager”; hidden beneath this tab is a list of all the recordings made and users can easily review their output tracks using the built-in player, as well as mail them to a third party.

All things considered, Super Audio Recorder is a simple and practical tool for anyone who has ever wanted to record their voice to common audio formats. Output file types include MP3s and WAVs and several quality parameters can be adjusted for improved results.