Super Password Generator is a Metro app dedicated to computers running Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, which supplies you with a user-friendly interface for quickly producing random and complex keys based on a set of rules.

It's a commonly used method for strengthening the security of personal and business accounts, wifi connections, sensitive photographs or documents.

It can be installed directly from the Microsoft Store with minimum effort. Afterward, the tool can be launched like any other Metro app via the Start Screen of Windows 8 or 8.1, or the Start Menu of Windows 10. There's also a counterpart available for Windows Phone devices.

The interface looks cluttered when firing up Super Password Generator for the first time. However, there are only a handful of buttons and configuration settings available, which make the entire process a breeze.

When it comes to the base characters to include in the new passwords, you can opt for numbers only, lowercase and uppercase letters only, both the alphabet and digits, or all of these along with symbols. Additionally, you can tinker with the key length by specifying the number of minimum and maximum of characters.

A password can be put together instantly with the click of a button, as well as selected and copied for safekeeping. Next, you can keep generating new passwords until you have created a list with many entries to use for various purposes. Another noteworthy aspect is that the app generates QR codes for each key.

Thanks to built-in OS features, it's possible to share the tool with friends using OneNote, messaging, Twitter, or any other means of communication you have installed on your computer.

To wrap it up, Super Password Generator delivers a simple and efficient solution for building lists with many uncrackable passwords to secure personal information. Too bad that the interface is so cluttered, which might put off some users.