If you’re the type of person who usually likes to delve deep into the controversial and complex world of YouTube comments after watching videos, then you will surely enjoy SuperYouTube.

SuperYouTube is a straightforward and very interesting Google Chrome extension that promises to potentially enhance the YouTube watching experience by allowing you to read comments while watching videos.

It can be installed just like most other Chrome extensions from the Chrome Web Store with just a few mouse clicks, and, once deployed, it brings the comments in a custom side panel, right next to YouTube’s video player area.

The custom side panel has 3 self-explanatory sections neatly integrated into YouTube’s current GUI: Info, Comments, and Videos. You can effortlessly toggle between them from the upper part of the custom side panel. And, that’s not all: SuperYouTube also allows you to control the volume by scrolling on the video, offering you a more direct and convenient way of doing so when compared to the traditional method.

It should not take long to figure out all the ins and outs of this simple extension regardless of your experience with similar tools. For such a straightforward extension, it offers a surprising number of configuration options.

Just click the SuperYouTube icon on the Chrome taskbar, and you’re met by a user-friendly Settings panel. You can choose the extension’s default tab each time you open a YouTube video, as well as enable or disable various features (show or hide the tabs altogether). Furthermore, from the same section, you can control the mouse wheel volume sensitivity.

At the end of the day, SuperYouTube is a nifty little extension that will definitely prove useful for users who feel that reading the comments of videos is actually a big part of the experience. Sure, it could boast more bits and bobs such as various GUI customization features, or others for stopping the sometimes-annoying auto-play and preloading options offered by YouTube by default, but, as it stands, it’s still a very good tool.