There are various Internet marketers and companies such as Google and Facebook that track you on the web by your IP address. What’s more, there are various services that allow you to watch TV shows and movies streamed instantly over the Internet such as Netflix, which are available in few countries. However, with the help of a VPN solution, you can access your favorite channels instantly, no matter your location.

As its name implies SurfSafe VPN, you are able to access any webpage you want without being tracked by your external IP address. This way, you can access various services such as Hulu, Pandora, YouTube, BBC or Skype. At the same time, you are secured by getting complete freedom and bypassing Internet filters.

The main window of the application is quite simple and easy to work with. After specifying the VPN ID and the activation code, you are able to select a server then securely connect to the Internet.

Additionally, you can thick the ‘Turn On PhotoShield’ box if you want to be protected when you upload videos and photos to social media and other websites. In this manner, you are able to encrypt all the information and keep away Internet hackers and identity thieves from knowing where you are and stolling your personal data.

The ‘Link statistics’ section allows you to view if the application connected you to the selected server. Each time you want to access a new website, SurfSafe VPN displays a small window that notifies you in case you are accessing an unsecured webpage. You can either let the application to protect you and secure your access to the Internet or skip the notification.

Considering all of the above, SurfSafe VPN comes in handy especially for users who need to bypass Internet filters and surf anonymously over the Internet without being tracked by their IP address, thus securing their online connection.