SV Bookmark is a lightweight and, unfortunately, heavily outdated piece of software that makes it possible for you to store and organize bookmarks for your favorite web pages.

Regarding the installation process, there is not much to be said, except the fact that the app it can be deployed in just a couple of seconds even by users with lesser computer experience.

The app sports an outdated and non-impressive user interface with a menubar that encompasses all the app's features, a top toolbar that allows you to quickly add new folders, new bookmarks, edit already existing ones, access the Options section, a Folder panel on the left side of the main window as well as a lower URL log panel.

Please note that SV Bookmark can also password-protect bookmark folders, create thumbnails for each one, as well as to backup and restore your bookmark collection. Furthermore, it makes it simple for you to add user comments to make it easier to find the needed bookmark.

As expected, the app enables you to sort your bookmarks based on a wide array of attributes, like name, rating, URL, date of creation, number of visits, when it was last updated or last visited or based on the aforementioned comments.

The application comes with a built-in URL checker that works hand in hand in hand with the built-in browser. Unfortunately, as our tests have revealed, neither of these features function on the latest iterations of Windows.

Sadly, this is not the biggest of problems. There's no way around it, so we are just going to have to mention the fact this application is near-to-pointless in our day and age since basically all web browsers offer incredibly comprehensive bookmarking possibilities.